iRobot create movement with arduino

I have iRobot create and I want to move him through
predestined track. I read openCreate interface but I cant make it move. I would like robot to move 20cm forward then turn to left and continue another 20cm and then stop. I am sorry I dont have any code to show as I already said I really dont know how scripts in openCreate work. I would like to use RX/TX comunication with arduino. If anyone know where to find every command and how they work I would appriciet that. I could not find anything for iRobotCreate 1
Thanks for any advice.

please read How to get the best out of this forum

➜ providing clickable links to documentation (which robot, which API, etc) might help you get answers

I suspect that there is a forum for the Create community. Asking your question there would probably be better than in the Arduino forum

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