is a good idea buy ehternet with chip ENC28J60?

Is a good idea buy this one? there is 20 dollars of difference in compare with a ehternet shield with W5100 chip. Or i can buy with confidence?

Thanks for the advice. Greets, Roberto

ENC chip requires additional operations for handling ethernet protocol, this operations must be done by arduino so it takes storage ram and processing power. In simple aplications there will be no difference (or small ones) but if you want some complicated actions then use standard ethernet shield.

BTW there is much more examples with standard eth shield than with ENC

The W5100 chipped ones are far simpler to use. Spend the extra money. You will not regret it.

The big difference is the w5100 includes a tcp/ip stack, which otherwise has to be implemented in software. I think if you shop around you can get the difference down to about $10. If you're just buying small quantities, it's well worth the $10. If you go to large quantities the difference drops to about $2.50 which is still well worth it.