Is it possible to use this display with Arduino One, Two, or Mini Arduino PRO?

Hi to everyone, I’ve pulled this display from a non-working Korg keyboard and now I want to use it with some of in title mentioned board. Can anyone direct me on how to do this? Some wiring directions and maybe what library to use?

Thanks in advance!

It has an HD44780 controller so the standard LiquidCrystal library will work once you have the pins figured out.

That library is designed for the standard 14 pin LCD controller interface and many displays have two more pins for the backlight.

Since you have 15 pins instead of the normal 14 (without backlight) or 16 (with backlight) I suspect that they may be using pin 1 for both GND and the backlight (-) which would normally be on pin 16. You will have to do some experimenting or trace following to check this out. You might get more help if you provide an in-focus picture of the front of your board.

If my assumption is correct then pins 1-14 should work when used with the LCD tutorial --> You will have to use the pin numbers rather than just the picture to hook things up.

AARRGGHH -- I see that they have changed the picture and they have cleverly chosen an almost invisible white wire for the RS connection. Make sure you enlarge the picture to see the wire.


I tried to get this display to work, but when I tried to show “Hello world!”, I got some garbage shown. Here are some more pictures of this particular display. I don’t know where is the problem, is it about wiring, coding, something else. The only thing I know for sure is the display IS in good working condition. I tried to connect it into the keyboard of same type from which it was pulled off and it’s working perfect.

Can anyone figure out how to wire it to get it work, or maybe it’s problem in coding?

Thanks in advance!

Some more pics…

Those pictures clearly show that I had the correct idea for the backlight wiring. The backlight cathode is connected to pin 15 and the anode shares pin 2 with the LCD controller.

Those pictures also show a genuine Hitachi HD44780 controller so the LiquidCrystal library included with the Arduino IDE will almost certainly work if you wire things up correctly.

Let’s see a picture of your wiring and also a picture of the ‘garbage’. One man’s garbage is another man’s clue.


Solved! The problem was in wiring. Some wires were on the wrong places. Now the LCD works perfectly! Thanks for all your help!