Is my Arduino Uno genuine?

I think I may of gotten a fake. It came in an anti-static bag in a perforated cardboard box without any Arduino logos on it like and looks nothing like the Arduino packaging I see online. It's just a small, white, perforated cardboard box.

  1. For one, the two sets of pins at the top and the bottom of the board are not parallel to the closest other set. Specifically, the group of pins 1-7 are not parallel to the group of pin 8-18,GND, and AREF.

  2. The printing of the dots surrounding the Uno word are a bit shoddy compared to the pictures I see online.

Here's the bottom.

It just seems off to me.

Luckily, my purchase is Fulfilled by Amazon and they've been very good with dealing with problems in the past.

Could be a clone... with no box chances are it is

Does it say "made in Italy" or "designed in Italy?" Real Arduino's say "made in Italy." Also, Just because it is fake does not mean that it will not work…

It says Made in Italy.

And while I'm sure that it'll still function, I paid money expecting a genuine Arduino as I was lead to believe I was purchasing. I won't except anything other than that because otherwise, it means I got scammed.

Also, as I've said, the groups of pins are not properly in line with each other so stacking shields on top may not be possible.

Amazon has allowed me to return the board luckily.

In addition to the problems you listed, there are several mistakes with the silk screen. It's a poorly done counterfeit.

Thank you for refusing to do business with a counterfeiter.

this defenatly is a fake arduino uno, you can see that on the possition of the italian landmass being to close to the made in italy

Thanks for the help everyone! I'm successfully gotten it returned.

The font used on the top side is wrong.

The other indication would be if the LEDs are red, not amber (some are), but red.