Is the DFRuino compatible with a mega328 chip?

I have a DFRduino that i think i fried tonight... was testing with a 12v psu when i realized the chip was REALLY hot- touched it and actually burnt my finger a bit.

quickly unplugged- and (like i should have done before) tested this power brick... it was throwing 17.5 volts.

everything seemed okay for a bit... but then it stated functioning strangely- loosing connection to the pc- and eventually not responding at all. I bought a new UNO r3 for the mean time- but is it possible that i could buy one of these a atmega328 from amazon and plug that into this board?

The current chips is one of these:


Yes, a 328 or 328P should work in place of that nicely.
Can be had for much less from

heck yeah at that price! feel like a dope for grabbing the UNO now... granted, its nice to support arduino :slight_smile:

It's really taking a bit to sink in that these boards are really just for programming/protyping- that this can all move to a pcb by itself :>


Yep, can do all kinds of stuff when you make your own. Here are examples of stuff I've done:
Card with offboard USB/Serial and up to 12 shift register chips: