Is there a list of Motors that work with the Arduino motor boards?

I was wondering if there were specific motors I would have to buy for the motor boards or if I could just buy any old motor and have it work?

There are probably over a million different types of motors, so no.

Choose a motor based on the speed and torque your project requires, then choose a motor driver that will handle the motor voltage and stall current. Pololu has a good selection of both motors and drivers, and a good tutorial on force and torque.

Don't buy a motor to match a motor driver - that's all the wrong way round!

You have a need to move something - you first need to figure out the speed and power needed, that's
the most basic requirement. Then you look at torque (gearing can always trade speed for
torque, so there is choice here). You'll find that the torque at a motor shaft is basically
a function of the volume of the motor (simple physics), and the volume will be related to
the power. There is variation between motor types though, so look around.

Given the torque at the motor shaft and the torque needed at the load, that defines the gearing
(if any) needed. Remember gears and belts and any mechanical transmission introduces power
losses, so allow for that.

Then you can choose the motor and gearing - your choice may be influenced by price of course, rather
than be a perfect fit.

Then, and only then, you select the motor driver that matches the motor - its job is to be right for
the motor (handle its stall current, handle the expected continuous power load, etc).