Is there an anternative for 84X48 5110 nokia display?

Hi.. I was wondering if there was an alternative for these 5110 displays, since they say THERE ARE NO BRAND NEW ONES on market. only used avaiable.

they come all with scratches etc.

Is it true? if yes, is there an alternative for these displays?

Must be for day light use(don't need backlight) --Monochrome and black characters.

Tks a lot

They are lying, or you misunderstood. I understand they are all surplus old stock and maybe come with scratches. I have four and they are all pristine. The module is all-new assembly and I imagine there is enough quality control to screen out any that are badly scratched. Most of mine came from Singapore as they are one of the few outfits that offer them with white LEDs and it also enables me to keep the wiring consistent.

All 5110s are mono with black chars and all are fine for daylight use - as is the phone.

The advantage of the 5110 is its price, size, shape, and resolution. If that is what you want, there is no alternative - just like the 5110 is no alternative if you want something different, and are prepared to pay for it.

Hi Nick. First of all, thank you for your reply..

Welll.. I have some of these displays and they work properly but sometimes the LCD start to blink or become transparent and I have to push the metatic frame to get it working fine again... I have tested 5 or 6 of these 5110 displays and none of them worked 100%. Maybe I have tested ones from bad supplier or somehting like that.

Could you tell your 5110 supplier?

tks a lot

I'm afraid I no longer have record and there are no Singapore sellers currently on eBay. Maybe I got lucky. I do have one dodgy one that won't keep going, but it has been abused by me and I'm putting it down to that.