Is there any code to reduce servo jitter

Is there any code to reduce servo jitter

Servo jitter is very rarely caused or cured by code. It is most commonly insufficient power or bad wiring. If you have a specific example with details of the servo, wiring and code then you might get a more definitive answer.


If so then it's your code that causes the jitter.

Or using something that keeps the interrupts disabled for more than a couple of microseconds, like SoftwareSerial.

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Use a separate 4.8-6V power supply for servos, capable of at least 1 Ampere per servo (3 A/servo for large ones). Don't forget to connect the grounds.

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I am using a external power supply plus 470uF capacitor
but still the same problem

I am using a external power supply plus 470uF capacitor
but still the same problem!

What are the voltage and current capabilities of your external power supply?

Did you connect ALL the grounds?

What servos? What specification is the power supply? Are all grounds connected? Is wiring solid, not through a breadboard or other low current connection?

Component details, a simple schematic and your code would help us help you.


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I have done some model Aeroplan flying and some servos jitter and some servo don't jitter!
Generally expensive metal gear quality servos are jitter free and cheap bottom of range servos jitter.
Design circuit and wiring to avoid noise, make sure the PWM signal is jitter free and if you still have servo jitter. Try a different servo :slight_smile:

Servos jitter if the power supply is inadequate, or the position signal timing is wrong or interrupted.

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Are you using any other libraries or have any other devices connected to your Arduino?

Do you get jitter with the File->Examples->Servo->Sweep example?

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Show what you have exactly.
It may be that you think it is a national secret but you can be certain people here have seen it before.

one MG996R servo
through a breadboard powered with power module MB102
All the grounds are connected
An MPU6050 is connected to the arduino directly and not to the bread board

It's not a national secret Sir!

If you mean MG996R then breadboard cannot safely carry the current of that powerful servo and MB102 cannot supply enough current for it. Try 4 x AA batteries, preferably NiMH rechargeables e.g. Eneloops. Connect the servo directly to the battery NOT through the breadboard.


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Hi, @maged_alex

Do you have a DMM?
If so measure the supply voltage at the servo when the jittering occurs.

Can you please post a circuit diagram and images of your project?

Thanks.. Tom... :smiley: :+1: :australia:

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That servo has a stall current of 2-2.5Amp.

A breadboard supply can deliver 800mA if... you power it with 6volt.
If you power it with more than 6volt, say 12volt, then that current goes down to 100mA.
So an MB102 is grossly inadequate for an MG99R.

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Thank you very much
Greatly appreciated

One final question
Can I use this ATX power supply to power the servo? the 5V output!
What if I use it to power six MG966Rs?ATX