It´s safe use 5.25V 2A on Arduino UNO?

Hello, I can use a power supply to 5.25V 2A, directly to the power connector of my Arduino UNO?
This is the first I buy and do not want to be the first I that burned. :fearful:

Thanks to all! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Diego H

2A isn't a factor
that's just the MOST the supply can provide

my worry is that 5.25 volts is too low for the on-board regulator
and too high to power the chip directly

The chip is good with 5.25V DC directly. The data sheets has 5.5V all thru Section 29.
Make sure it's DC, put a meter on and measure if there's much AC ripple. If you're seeing more than 0.25V of AC, don't use it.

If its good, connect to +5V and Gnd. Install a 1N4001 diode from +5 (anode) to Vin (cathode) so the regulator is not reverse driven.

I see it's complicated :astonished: , in this case, that voltage and current are ideal? Considering that I am going to connect, servos, sensors, or things like that.

Thanks mmcp42 and CrossRoads. :slight_smile: