Just learned about Arduino Figure I will try.

Here it goes. I am a homebrewer at heart and am working on a fermentation chamber. The goal of the chamber is to maintain the fermentation process at a specific temp. I plan on having at least 2 maybe 3 separate chambers (but room to grow would be great). I need to be able to monitor the temps in each chamber. (Possibly open a vent) Turn on a blower to push cold air in (and close said vent) turn on a heat pad to increase heat if needed. Is this doable with this type of equipment or should I look somewhere else. I will have a small AC unit that will be set at 68 keeping a box filled with cool air to use as needed. I would love to be able to see the data from a tablet or computer.

Thanks for your input. Steve

Hi and Welcome...

I'm not a brewer so I never take much notice, but I do recall seeing recent threads about brewery controllers. Try a search of the forum, and I'm pretty sure you'll find something.




Is this along the lines your looking to accomplish?

It's certainly feasible. A popular temperature sensor is the DS18B20 and there are waterproof versions of it. You'll need some relays or MOSFETs to turn blowers and heaters on and off. You can use an ethernet or wifi shield to send data to a server. People commonly send data to a web server, their own or a service like Pachube and then you can view it from whatever device you like. Alternatively, if you keep the arduino tethered to a PC, you can display the data there.

The usual caveat applies - mains voltage is dangerous - you may want to build your initial version simulating your blowers and heaters with LEDs.

Hi Steve, its not purely Arduino, but have you looked at brewpi ?



Good news is there is tons of stuff out there around brewing and Arduino. Here is one example: