Just want to share: LCD 240x64 library (GLK24064-25)

I have a GLK24064-25 and could not find an arduino library to use the LCD over i2c. My guess is that the price tag deters most people.

Anyway, here is the library: https://github.com/nherment/Arduino-Library It's not a complete library but it's what I needed. Also, please excuse my noob's C++ skills (I come from a Java background so I'm not totally excusable...)

Here is a video of the LCD in action showing the charting capabilities using the Chart class: http://vimeo.com/28897299

The Chart handles the range automatically and can switch between 3 modes. Regular bar chart, Reference based bar chart (when bars go up and down from a reference line) and Line chart.

Enjoy !

  • Nick

Thanks Nick, just what I was about to start a project on. It looks great.

Hi Nick, I am busy porting the library to work with the KS0108 gLCD library. Do you know where I can lay my hands on the code for the display that you used. I would like to see how they did the continueLine(), fillRect() and other procedures.

Hi really interested in this project, how did you wire it all up please, I have a GMS display (msg24064c) display, and arduino uno. There is limited info on the display. Thanks, Duncan

The controller is compatible to the T6963, so you can use U8glib (http://code.google.com/p/u8glib/).


Sorry, just to clarify (i'm a newbie..the arduino uno has been out of its box for a day) what pins arduino go to what pins on display? Also how did you set the contrast, I had in mind a 100k pot with vee on pin1, Vo to wiper, and vdd to pin3.. thanks,

Have a look here: http://forum.arduino.cc//index.php?topic=175144.0

Also note that you display has a negative voltage converter included. So the contrast adjustment should be very simple and probably is identical to the NHD display, that was refered in the thread above: http://www.newhavendisplay.com/specs/NHD-24064CZ-FSW-GBW.pdf


Hi Oliver, I have power and contrast sorted and was about to hook up the data lines, when I watched the above video again. It looks like I'll be hooking up 8 data lines, plus control lines, whereas there seem to have only 4 wires in the video including power. So I'm intrigued, is some hiding in the video for neatness or is serial data exchange being done instead? I can't see any wiring for contrast either, is it a fixed resistor on the reverse? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction by the way, most helpful and appreciated.



Your display (msg24064c from GMS) has nothing in common with the display mentioned at the beginning of this thread (a Matrix Orbital GLK24064-25). The only common thing is the display size of 240x64.

The Matrix Orbital GLK24064-25 includes a high level controller for graphic rendering, that accepts high level commands via I2C / TWI interface. The msg24064c is much cheaper and just includes a simple display controller (the T6963). Additionally the display controller T6963 just has a 8 bit parallel interface. You will need 8 lines for data and several control lines.


OK, that's great! I'll take the controls from here. Thanks again