Kermis Claw Project

I need some help to someone to write the coding voor my project. Im new with Arduino and i want some help to the code. The project is a kermis claw machine. Its gonna be operated with 3 stepper motors, one for the forward the other one for left en right, number 3 is gonna be operating the cable to the claw to go down and up. The claw its selve is operated by a spool on 42 volt. But here is also my problem, if i turn on the voltage the claw will close in one time, and i want to control the claw with PWM so i can control how its gonna be closed.

It is gonna be operated by a big joystick.

The Code must do this:

  1. Drive steppermotor to go on Z axis (forward)
  2. Drive steppermotor to go on X axis (left and right)
  3. Drive steppermotor to go on Y axis (Down)
  4. PWM signal to claw to be going closed (potentiometer to adjust settings)
  5. Same as 3 but then backwards (potentiometer to adjust settings)
  6. Go back slow to the home (zero) position and open claw (PWM)

What code have you written so far ?

Hi UKHeliBob, Thnxs for your reply there is no code at this moment. I dont know how to write it. There are some youtube video's to drive one steppermotor at the time, but a combination like the one i want is not at the moment on youtube. :frowning:

In another fase of my project, i want the variables to be tweaked as in a display with some options. So i can adjust te speeds of all the steppers, the time the gripper go down, time to close it, etc.

What experience of writing code for the Arduino and writing code in general do you have ?

Do want help writing the code or do you want someone to write it for you, perhaps paying them to do so ? I am not offering to write it for you but others here may do and there is a special section of the forum where you can ask for such help

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