Keyboard shortcuts for mac

I am switching to IDE 2.0 and really love the editor. I am trying to figure out the keyboard shortcuts but it looks to me like they are for Windows. I tried several ways to emulate the meta key, but have not been successful. Before I found out about Arduino IDE 2.0, I was trying to use VS Code but was having trouble getting it to play well with the arduino. I did notice that the VC Code editor had mac shortcuts that used mac keystrokes. Do you plan to add a mac version of the keyboard shortcuts?
if not:

I know I can change any keyboard shortcut, but there are so many of them!

Would it be possible to copy the shortcuts from VS Code to IDE 2.0?

Thank you so much for providing this version. It will be such a pleasure to use.

I've looked into this a bit further and see now that VSCode generates the keymappings based on the operating system. So do you think this is something I should open an issue about?

Thanks for your reports @strickce!

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