Keywords not Highlighting Brown or Orange

I have written a library called motor. Which complies and is recognized in the Arduino libary.

It is at: arduino-1.0.3-windows\arduino-1.0.3\libraries\Motor

I have these three files in there: keywords.txt Motor.cpp Motor.h

when i open a sketch and include motor the key words i have specied in the keyword.txt doc do not highlight. Any ideas why?

my txt

Motor KEYWORD1 setpPin KEYWORD2 setnPin KEYWORD2 idle KEYWORD2 foward KEYWORD2 backward KEYWORD2 update KEYWORD2 test KEYWORD2 getTime KEYWORD2

Can you post your library to check it out?

Also, you can use Documents/Arduino/Libraries.

IIRC there was something with the keywords.txt file, the separators should be all TAB chars and no other white-space char. also you need to restart ALL IDE's after changing lib files.

(The tip from eried to use Documents/Arduino/Libraries is important! Think what will happen when you upgrade the Arduino to 1.xXX)