Kitty Invisible fence

Hey guys, its funny how i havent really made anything i have just been stocking up on all types of sensors switches , smack loads of resistors and transmitors ,and things of the like... anywho i use to work at this mansion and they had those invisible fences for their dog , that when they cross the "fence" i think he got a small shock on his collar , at least thats how i think it worked, now i would like to make something like that for me kitty on a much smaller scale , which is my room. at first i was thinking laser trip wires but that will just tell me when he crosses it and i wont know if he crossed and came back in or crossed and left , you know.. i was thinking something that would keep buzzing untill he was back in the controlled area. So then i was thinking gps but dues to the small area i doubt that it will be accurate enought to detect a couple of feet/inches of movement . so now i think maybe a not so invisible fence i can use actual wires around my room but still not sure what type of sensor or how to go about this.. i can mount something on his collar to keep track if he is in my room or not ...but what could it be? any ideas?

This kind of project isn't very well suited for the Arduino, because the success of the project lies in having a small, light, unobstructive collar for the animal. If you want to attach and Arduino to your cat, better attach a brick - that's just as effective and a lot more appealing.

The system probably works with very short range transmitters (perhaps some wire buried) and the pet has a receiver around its neck. When the receiver receives the signal, it buzzes the animal.


So very true , i was just thinking of the transmitter on the cat, but my kitty sporting an Arduino would be a first in the Arduino community. Anywho thanks for the insight

How about having an RFID tag in the collar and a reader by the door. You could put a coil under the carpet to cover the whole of the area.

yes that crossed my mind as well , i just dont know what to do with my rfid reader its either going to be this or use it to turn on my computer so that only I may get access , unless anyone in my family knows how to rewire it which i bet my life they dont