KK board, Arduino as Receiver

Ok so I've been having this problem for quite some time. Basically I'm using the Arduino as a Receiving end for the KK 2.0 board. I'm able to send signal through to the KK board through Arduino using Servo signals. The problem is, I need to ARM the KK board, which I can't for some reason.

This is what I've found/tried (When i say 'Board', I'm referring to the kk board :p) -To arm the board, the rudder needs to right and throttle needs to be zero for 1 sec; So In a nutshell, I've tried Servothrottle.write(0); ServoRidder.write(180);

This does not do anything. -NOW, what I've noticed that the board reads Servo.write(130), after 130-ish the board reads zero, even though the upper value should be 180 (might me scaling the input, tried it and did not fix the problem)

-In addition, the board reads No throttle input, even though in the receiving test it can relieve values.

If you can help that will be much appreciated