Ks0108B Beta GLCD help

Hi guys,
I have a GLCD from here:

data sheet here:

and here is the data sheet for the actual LCD module:

I am trying to find out why my LCD is not displaying anything.
I have downloaded the new Beta Files that include the diagnosics and have tried a few sample programs but i have gotten nowhere.

If you would like i can post the code to the GLCDdiags sketch, i chose not to include it at the moment because it is a massively long sketch.

I can post the Serial output of the diagnostics:

Serial initialized
GLCD Lib Configuration: glcd ver: 3 glcd_Device ver: 1 gText ver: 1
Panel Configuration:ks0108
Pin Configuration:ks0108-Arduino
GLCD:ks0108 DisplayWidth:128 DisplayHeight:64
Chips:2 ChipWidth:64 ChipHeight:64
 CSEL1:14(PIN_C0) CSEL2:15(PIN_C1)
 RW:16(PIN_C2) DI:17(PIN_C3) EN:18(PIN_C4)
 D0:8(PIN_B0) D1:9(PIN_B1) D2:10(PIN_B2) D3:11(PIN_B3)
 D4:4(PIN_D4) D5:5(PIN_D5) D6:6(PIN_D6) D7:7(PIN_D7)
Delays: tDDR:320 tAS:140 tDSW:200 tWH:450 tWL:450
ChipSelects: CHIP0:(14,0x1, 15,0x0) CHIP1:(14,0x0, 15,0x1)
Data mode: 
 d0-d3:nibble mode-Non-Atomic
 d4-d7:nibble mode-Non-Atomic
Diag Loop: 1
Initializing GLCD

I uploaded this code to an arduino with the LCD connected and to one without one connected and they come out with the same information.

With the LCD connected the serial monitor get to Initializating GLCD.
So i know something is wrong.
I have connected everything just as it is put out by the serial monitor but its still stuck.

Ok rechecked wiring again and its right.

Now i just hooked up an Oscope to the data out pins and im not getting an output.
on the CS pins i get a quick blip but nothing else. Im thinking the sketch is hanging up somewhere.
Im going to post it here in the next post.

I have the contrast set, backlight is on.

other then that i have nothing.
If you guys could help point me in the right direction, i would so grateful.

We kinda have a rule here to answer LCD questions only after seeing some codes and connection hi-res pictures. A lot can go wrong while you think you did it right. If you really did it right, you wouldn't be seeking help ;)

so the code would take 3 posts to put it all out here. Lemme just give a link to the files on the site here:


your right there.
Here is some pics and some other code albeit not the diag code i was talking about earlier:

#include <ArduinoIcon.h>
#include <Arial14.h>
#include <ks0108.h>
#include <ks0108_Arduino.h>

#include <ks0108_Panel.h>

#include <SystemFont5x7.h>

  int ledPin = 13;
  unsigned long startMillis;
  unsigned int iter = 0;
void setup(){
  GLCD.Init(NON_INVERTED);   // initialise the library
  GLCD.SelectFont(System5x7);       // select fixed width system font 
void loop()

  startMillis = 1000;
  while( millis() - startMillis < 1000){ // loop for one second
    GLCD.DrawRect(0, 0, 64, 61, BLACK); // rectangle in left side of screen
    for(int i=0; i < 62; i += 4)
    GLCD.DrawCircle(32,31,30,BLACK);   // draw circle centered in the left side of screen  
    GLCD.FillRect(92,40,16,16, WHITE); // clear previous spinner position  
    GLCD.CursorTo(5,5);               // locate curser for printing text
    GLCD.PrintNumber(++iter);         // print current iteration at the current cursor position 
  // display number of iterations in one second
  GLCD.ClearScreen();               // clear the screen  
  GLCD.CursorTo(13,2);              // positon cursor  
  GLCD.Puts("FPS= ");               // print a text string  
  GLCD.PrintNumber(iter);           // print a number 
  digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);   // this last bit of code is to make sure the 
  delay(1000);                     // LCD or the MCU isnt locked up
  digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);    


Thanks again.

so the code would take 3 posts to put it all out here.

You really should start out with something simple - and I wouldn't start out with 'beta' code either.


This is where I got my download: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/uploads/Code/ks0108GLCD.zip

Your wires are all green and you didn't show the entire picture, just the screen, and then separately the arduino. You need to put them on the same picture so someone can figure out which wire is going between which arduino pin and which LCD pin.

Do you have a breadboard and some headers instead of green wires?