KY-013 Analog Temperature Sensor

How to convert analog value to Celsius getting from KY-013 Analog Temperature Sensor .


I'm having a similar problem, I've tried what is suggested in the link posted by knut_ny but when I try swapping the VCC with the GND I receive 'nanc' in the serial console. When it's wired up as the instructions say it's reading '334.94c' (I'm pretty sure it's not that hot in my room :P)

Anything else I can try?



something is stange here..
KY-013 : many sources state resistance increase with temp => PTC
this software: TkkrLab uses code ment for a NTC

A PCT is nearly linear, a NTC is not.

Is there a marking on the thermistor?

..a comment here says:

Change from:
Temp = log(((10240000 / RawADC) - 10000));
Temp = log(1000.0 / (1024.0 / rawADC - 1));

Is there a marking on the thermistor?

I've attached images of what it looks like what it looks like:

Personally I have a feeling the the sensor is faulty... I've just run my code in my Arduino without the sensor being attached and its printing the same numbers to the monitor as if it's attached... Even when it's attached, if I add a heat/cooling source the numbers don't change either >:(

Thanks for your help though :smiley:

use a multimeter to measure 10k from pin 1(marked S) and pin 2. Yoy should also measure a resistance between pins 2 and 3 (the NTC) close to 10k@25deg.

Theese components 'live forevever'.. if the board doesn't work, I guess there is a bad soldering or short circuit on the PCB.

Other things to think of:

  • Is your analog input pin working OK?
  • Pins 2,3 connected to 5V/GND ?

Just ordered KY-013 from China (eBay) and facing the same problem, analog read is 0V always...

Now, I found schematic of module SensorKit - SensorKit and I checked my module by this schematic.

After few minutes I figured out marks on module are BAD.

If you look at module faced with pins down it says S, GND, VCC but it is not actually, proper order is VCC, GND, S.