L293NE and L293D

Hello everyone.. I will make a project using DC Motor Control Using an H-Bridge and Arduino Uno. Actually i just want to control dc motor rotation direction, it turn left or right So, the tutorial i found in this link below


use IC L293NE. In my city, it's hard to find L293NE and it's easy to find L293D.

So everyone, what is the differences between L293NE and L293D? and then, can i change IC L293NE with L293D as H-Bridge(according the tutorial link above)?? and there is an impact when i change the type of IC?

Help me please and thanks you so much for your attention. Sorry for my poor english

Them D has built-in protection diodes.

@James, yes I see from the data sheet that there are extra diodes in the D, but exactly what protection do they provide? I thought they might be the ones everyone knows about connecting across an inductive load when switching it with a transistor, but the data sheet says both varieties are good for inductive loads.... So presumably they serve some other protective purpose?

I see too, that the the D can only handle 600mA compared to 1A

The diodes in the D are indeed there to protect against inductive spikes. Personally I still use external diodes with the D. They are much cheaper than a new 293.

James there are some diodes in the normal 293- are they not the ones that protect against inductive spikes?-

So it sounds like this is situation:

  • with an NE you must use external diodes because the 293 doesn't
  • with a D you might like to use them, just in case

But the tutorial mentioned uses an NE not a D, and is silent on the diode thing...

Tutorials on that site are have been known to be wrong.

I prefer going to an ICs datasheet: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/l293d.pdf

Look at the differences in the schematics on page 3 and 4. Plus the comment: "Output Clamp Diodes for Inductive Transient Suppression (L293D)"