L298N powering questions

Hello everyone,

As my very first arduino project, I’m trying to build a mini sumo robot. I have almost all the components I need but there are a couple of questions regarding to L298N powering.

These are the components I’m using:

Now about powering. I’m thinking of using a LiPo battery but I have the following questions:

  • My first though was to power the L298N, with the 5V jumper on and using the 5V out to power the arduino. I know the motor shield has a 5V voltage regulator but, is it a good idea to use it?
  • About the previous question, I also would like to know which is the best pin to connect the L298N to the arduino board, L298N-5V-out → Arduino-5V-in or L298N-5V-out → Arduino-VIN?
  • If none of the previous options are recommended, should I use two separate batteries?
  • Related to any of the final solutions, which LiPo battery would you recommend?

I know there are too many questions, but I’m new in this world and I don’t want to ruin any board with a bad powering setup.

Thanks in advance.

Any information you’ll need just ask me.


As long as the 5V capabilities of the shield are not specified, I'd power the Arduino from its own supply (jack or Vin), not from the shield.

Yes, that could be a better option. Would you use LiPo batteries in both cases? In that case, is it necessary to attach any adapter between the battery and the arduino?


The Uno and most other Arduinos have their own power regulator on board, no need for external circuitry.

Note that the L298 is a dinosaur that "looses" about 2.5volt with 1Amp motor current (hencec the heatsink). Bad choice for low voltage supplies/motors. Leo..

Oh really? I’ve read about the overheat but tought it was normal. Any recommendation about motor shields to use with these motors? With less looses and less heating.

Thank you all for your replies. They are really helping me :).

See if this v2.0 version shield fits voltage and stall current of your motors. Leo..

That version of adafruit motor shield seems great. I've already though of that kind of motor shield (directly attachable to an arduino board), but the ones I saw just make almost all the arduino pins unusable. If I've understood well, with this version of shield, you only use 2 pins from the arduino, leaving free the rest of them (that's great). I'll keep in mind to keep one. But just another question (last, I promise), my idea was to use a smaller (size and price) motor driver. If the best option is that adafruit v2, I'll finally use it but, what do you think about these other two:

https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-tb6612-h-bridge-dc-stepper-motor-driver-breakout/overview https://www.pololu.com/product/713

I am also worried about the shield overheating, will I need to use any extra heatsink or fans?

EDIT: I've read that that kind of shields could get too hot, so maybe I'll go for the adafruit v2.3. I've also found a pololu zumo shield that includes motor driver and many other components, and fits on my chassis, what you think about it? https://www.pololu.com/product/2504


This might help you select the right board. https://www.pololu.com/search/compare/11 Leo..

Thank you!