LANC controller

Hi all,

I am looking for some assistance in connecting a Sony Handycam DCR=SR35E camcorder to Arduino to compile a LANC controller. There is numerous links out there for connecting the leads/camera to arduino but despite my best efforts the Arduino will not speak to the camera!.

I have tried

I have a sony RM/AV2 10 pin remote which works fine. But It seems to work on 2.5v rather than the 5v suggested during my numerous google searches.

Has anybody got experience with this connection or can advise me if the circuit shown in the above images would work with 2.5v rather than the 5 suggested else where. I have have very basic understanding of the components detailed in the diagram and a basic understanding of Arduino programming :-)



I am doubt about it is LANC 2.5V problem, LANC is 5.0 V system. To make LANC work, we need to connecting/dis-connecting pin 7 with 100k ohm resistor to GND ( either pin 3 or pin 8 ). Since Sony does not release 10-pin A/V & LANC cable connector pinout. People start to hack.

Here we go;-

My best guess is connecting pin 7 with 100k ohm resistor to either pin 3 or pin 8, and make sure your DCR=SR35E does support LANC.

Got it working after discovering that I had the wrong resister in my circuit. Thank you very much for your help!