Lavalamp 2.0

This is the final version of replacing my 20 years old “lava lamp” that runs with a 60 watt bulb and needs at least 1 hour to warm up.
The new version uses 20 RGB-LEDs each controlled by a single WS2812 RGB-Controller. It uses only 5 or 6 watt and providing 8 different modes that are controlled by a Arduino pro mini 328 5V/16MHz board.
The potentiometers with knobs are used to switch between the modes and control speed, color or brightness of the several modes.
The LEDs are glued on a wooden staff placed inside a smoothed acrylic glass cylinder.
It took about two days creating this lamp including soldering the 120 pads and about 70 wires, crafting the mechanical part and writing the Arduino-Sketch that gets the lamp to life.

Thanks to the people created the fastspi-library:

Edit: 2013/03/04 - added documented source code to this post.

Lavalamp_2_0.ino (10.3 KB)

well done Great project

Very nice work! Where did you get the acrylic cylinder?

Thanks for sharing!

cyclegadget: Very nice work! Where did you get the acrylic cylinder?

Thanks. I ordered the acrylic cylinders directly from a manufacturer here in germany.

very nice! could you share the code?

The code was written quick and dirty and is poorly documented. I will try to clean it up and write some comments over the weekend and post it after it gets more representative. XD

Very well done! Make two of them and you have the antimatter motors of the Enterprise ;)

I've just added the souce code of my sketch to the first post of this thread. feel free to use and improve it. :) Mario.