LCD 128X64 parallel mode


I’m trying to use my LCD screen with OpenTx Firmware.
The screen light turns on but does not show anything.

The screen should be set for parallel mode, I think I may need to jumper something…
I attached a picture of my LCD screen.
Any suggestion?

Someone asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago.
I guess he didn't want, or no longer needed, to discuss.

The JPG in #0 shows a ST7920 module.

It is much easier to use in SPI mode (PSB=0)
But you can use in parallel mode (PSB=1) if you are a masochist.

U8g2lib supports both SPI and Parallel interface.

Most of these modules just work without connecting VO pin (3) or VOUT pin (18)
They need VCC = 5V