lcd for arduino

Hello everyone, I am working on a project with arduino and I need a screen, what lcd you had proposed to me, which has a long lifespan, has good graphics, lcd will display only a few values ​​nothing more, to be about 3.5 inch


There are a lot of choices available typically 2x16 (2 rows 16 characters per row) or 4x20 to name a few of the popular ones that I use. They work great with the I2C interface, that keeps the code easy and leaves lots of pins for other things. There are libraries, sample code etc readly available on the web.

Which Arduino board are you using? What is the board’s Vcc (5V, 3.3V)? Do you really want graphics or just characters? Color or monochrome? Backlight, plain or RGB? Bare display or shield?

The I2C displays that gilshultz suggests are character only, but they are easy to use. And the hd44780 library makes them nearly pug and play.

Thanks for your reply guys, I am using arduino uno, and below find a picture as it will look "lcd" , may both "Bare display or shield" well what is the easiest possibility for connection to the arduino



So black background, white text with high resolution graphics ?

I would like a display like that too.