LCD Project Advice

My project involves a temperature sensor and a 16 X 2 LCD screen from Spark Fun.
I have made a box for the project and cut out a hole for the LCD screen.
The box will probably not move a lot once it is in place.
My LCD currently has header pins in it and is on a breadboard.
My question is this. What is the best way to get the LCD into my project?
Do put it on a smaller breadboard that fits inside my box or do I unsolder the header pins and solder in wires? What do most people do ?


You could make a cable with female headers on it - just like the ones used on the arduino board itself but soldered to wires.

You’d need some way of securing the LCD to the case though.

That’s not a bad idea, maybe I’ll try using female headers.
The case has holes I will be screwing the LCD into.
Any other suggestions before I take the plunge?