LDR communication with Neopixel - I thought it was simple...

- Here’s an exploded image of the product.

As a crude description, I am creating a flasher type of oyester card unit(different application)

I’ve done what I can to cut, move and rewrite code. The outcome isn’t as I envisioned and the lighting modes aren’t very dynamic. I’m using an LDR because I didn’t want to mess with Rfid (+ the top of the product has a chip embedded to redirect people to my app)
I’m pretty confused now with the code and I’d be grateful if I could speak to someone some more about the idea?



the_pixels_with_ldr_iflese.ino (3.01 KB)

It is not very clear what you are trying to achieve. Is a picture missing from your post ? Anyway.
Do you want the ambient light level (as measured by an LDR) to control the pattern/intensity etc. of a neopixel display ?