LED Dance suit RC

Hi everbody
I got a task for a group of dancers for a musical.
I must build 15 LED suits which can be remotely controlled from a pc over wifi or bluetooth.
The suits should be abel to be programable, so i can say "just light shirts, hands etc".
I hope that you can help me to realize it, because i can program but i dont know what i need for control of suits.
Maybe a ardunio uno on every dancer??

Yes. Each dancer would need an Arduino and some kind of WiFi, Bluetooth, or other RF "shield".

If your theater already has DMX lighting control, I think there is wireless DMX. That would be slick! It's not too difficult to build a DMX device with the Arduino (I've never done it), but I don't know what would be involved in making it wireless. You might have to build a "bridge" with a DMX circuit and a transmitter at the controller end, and an RF receiver on the dancer,

...But, the complexity and potential reliability issues worry me. How much time do you have to design, build, and debug this thing? I assume this is for a live performance? I'm always super-paranoid about live performances. (If it's for a movie you can always fix the problem and do another take.) This is also sort-of related to how long the show is going to run. If you are doing a broadway show and it takes a few shows to get the bugs worked-out, that's a bummer but you'll work through it. And if the show runs for a year or more, there WILL be problems once in awhile, and you have to live with it. But if the show runs once, or 3 times, and somebody's costume doesn't light-up, that sucks big time.

I don't have any reliability worries with the Arduino itself, but anything "custom hand built" is an unknown ('till it's proven itself over time), and computers are the least reliable things we own! Whenever there is a computer involved, I like to see a dedicated computer (one that's not used for surfing the internet during the day, etc.), plus you need a back-up system ready to go.

If the lights don't need to sequence or anything like that, it would be a LOT easier to have the dancers hit hidden switches. Even with the automated/transmitter set-up it would be a good idea to have some manual switches the dancer can hit in case his/her costume is not "cooperating"

i have nearly half a year to build these suits...the show will be shown 7 times and the dancers will be on stage for 15minutes or so...they don't have a wireless dmx controll...the LEDs just need to turn on or off on when i want it and not to change colors, so is a dmx really necessary?? ....the pc will have a clean windows install and no unnecessary stuff on it ...what do you think about the power i need to light and run all of it?

the pc will have a clean windows install and no unnecessary stuff on it

Heh, heh.

If you are going to this trouble, why not a more reliable and useful OS?

i can also use linux or so thats not the problem…my problem is what parts i can use for the build.

Well, you have to do an audit first. How many LEDs per unit, how much current do you expect to drive them with, what patterns of operation do you want?

For performances, power is generally going to be alkaline dry cells, a new set each time.

I want to power 6 strips at the same time (2 for legs; 2 for arms; 2 for chest)....they dont need a special pattern, just the ability to turn on and off every strip seperratly and maybe to blink not more. So I can program them like "show just arms or legs blink etc"