led latching counter


I was wondering if any of yous can help me,

im trying to make a button press counter system basically iv have to inputs button A and button B and i have 10 outputs these are all led.

i can make a simple latch program that counts how many times button A is pressed.
But i want it to work by pressing any button at the start then the OPPOSITE button will turn on the next led if the same button is pressed twice it will reset the Led

any advice or information will be greatful

Thanks in advance


You have to realize that this is not a free code writing service.

This is a great opportunity to learn, so I'd recommend trying it yourself. Start with a simpler goal, just two LEDs for example.
If you're stuck, and you have a specific question, you can ask it here.
In the meantime, look up button debounce, that could save you a whole lot of time debugging.