Led matrix seven segment font

Hi guys.
I have a 32x16 P10 display, which I just got to work with a library called Px_matrix which uses the adafruit gfx lib.
My issue now is that I cannot find any fonts that suits my need.

I need to show a number from 0-9999 so maximum 4 numbers of font type “seven segment” no letters are needed. And a size that fills tha display.
So each number can have a size of 8x16

Anyone here that can help me on the way?

Consider creating your own fonts, I do not know how but can search for that and hopefully find your solution.
Good Luck & Have Fun!

Search for 8x16 on this page: The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack: Font Index


If the display is 32 dots wide and you want to display 4 numbers, the maximum width of each number should be seven dots to allow a vertical space between each.