Led strip on PCF8574 expansion board?

Is it possible to drive a programmable led strip like Adafruit Neopixel connected to a PCF8574 expansion board?
It seems like Adafruit_NeoPixel is not able to do so.

if you look at the adafruit page for it,

NeoPixels aren’t the answer for every project.The control signal has very strict timing requirements, and some development boards (such as Netduino or Raspberry Pi) can’t reliably achieve this in every situation. This is why we continue to offer other LED types; some are more adaptable to certain tasks.

so IMHO, I doubt it would be possible to control them via an expansion board.

you may want to consider other types of LED strip (some examples also given on the adafruit page shared) if you still intend to use an expansion board to control your LED strips.

hope that helps....

Hi sherzaad,
Argh ... But I need four 144 LED strips like this one :slight_smile:
Well, I'll try to connect my NodeMCU to a Nano instead of using the expansion board!
Thank you for your reply.

Why don't you just put the led strips in series? That will only use one pin.

Yeah, you're right, and I tried :slight_smile: But I had to cut each of them to fit the right length, and the 144 leds are hard to solder... so after a few unsuccessful tries I decided to connect them all to the main source (my project is to locate vinyl records in a disco with several floors).

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