Leonardo as Joystick & Keyboard at once?

Hey there so I've planned on buying a Leonardo for a while, finally placed the order the other day. And so I started planning my attack. I've got a couple of old joysticks (a real old thrustmaster something or other, and some logitech piece of junk. I've got a saitek X52, but thats staying together).
I was gonna strip out the USBs on the joysticks, and pull straight off the different inputs and such. Wire them into the Leonardo to have them act as 1 6axis control setup (actually probably 8 full axes because of the thumbstick on the logitech). And thats all well and good. no troubles with doing that. plenty of guides showing people setting them up as standaolne joysticks wiht buttons and axes.

My problem comes in in which I started thinking of making the unit interface with the computer as a keyboard at the same time (primarily because some game's have some trouble taking joystick button inputs, but have no trouble with keyboard binds). Just wondering if anyone's tried having a Leo be a keyboard and joystick at the same time at all?
If you're wondering about what I'm planning the thing to be like when I'm done.

Something a little towards those lines. I've already heavily customized a Steel Battalion controller to do things, but its lack of stick/throttle buttons/controls is rather annoying with modern fast paced games. (also the right sticks non self centering can drive you up a wall sometimes)

You can use SVMapper or Autohotkeys to map joystick buttons to keyboard commands.