Leonardo SPI

Hi, I want to buy TFT touch screen and connect it to my Leonardo. I found some info that it is not possible because 'Leo' does not have SPI connected to I/O pins. But it has an ICSP header with all needed pins, it is even better because my I/O pins are free! So I think, I can grab some wires and connect TFT to ICSP header, or am I missing something?

Correct, the SPI pins are not connected to the pin strips along the sides of the board. In the picture below (from here) they are linked to the 6 pin ICSP as you noted.

Depending on the display you pick apart from the power, SCK, MOSI, MISO and RESET signals you will typicall need pins for the DC (Data/Command) line and CS (Chip Select) line to the display, plus maybe another 4 pins for the touch controller.

All right! It looks like my new problem is to decide which size of screen I want. Thanks for help!

When selecting the screen do some research on it before buying to make sure other peel have successfully used it with an Arduino and that there is a graphics library for it.