Librairies in librairies

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to make my own servo library using the Servo.h library. So I created a Servo_me.h in a libraries folder in sketchbook. Here is my code (it’s really an easy code. The class Motor is another class that I’ve made in order to control motor through a H-bridge.

#if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO >= 100
	#include <Arduino.h>
	#include <WProgram.h>
	#include <pins_arduino.h>

#ifndef _SER_H
#define _SER_H
#include <Servo.h>
#include "Motor.h"

#define DEVICE (0x53) 

class Servo_me : public Motor{
	protected : 
	int pin;
	Servo ser;
	public : 
	Servo_me(int p1, int p2, int pin) : Motor(p1, p2), pin(pin){ser.attach(pin);};
	Servo_me(int p1, int p2, int pin, int min, int max) : Motor(p1, p2), pin(pin){ser.attach(pin,min,max);};
	void write(int deplacement){this->write(deplacement);}


The thing is I get this error :
In file included from Walking.ino:1:0:
/home/Malcolm/sketchbook/libraries/Motor/Servo_me.h:10:23: fatal error: Servo.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

And I don’t know why the IDE is not able to find Servo.h since I #include it…

Any idea ? =/

You have to include the Servo.h in the main sketch as well. Without that the IDE doesn’t know to go and look for it.

OK thanks.

I'll try it later today =)