Library location

I'm just at the beginning of programming adventure and struggling with so many problems.
I hope you will be able to help me with some of them.

My Arduino software is installed on drive C:\Program Files\arduino-1.8.5
My sketches are located on drive D:\Documents\Arduino
In Preferences, I set sketchbook location to drive D:\Documents\Arduino.
My sketch is located D:\Documents\Arduino\Sketch2

My question is - where I supposed to put library files *.cpp and *.h?

Where *=my library name

I put both files in the same folder where my sketch is.

In my sketch I'm calling library like this:

#include <*.h>

I know that file names are case sensitive.

When trying to compile my sketch, I have msg that "fatal error: *.h: no such file directory - compilation terminated"

Anybody can point me in the right direction?


Did you write those .cpp & .h files?

They go in D:\Documents\Arduino\Libraries

You can also put them in the folder with the sketch and include with quotes instead of brackets if you want to be able to have a local copy just for that one sketch.

They go in D:\Documents\Arduino\Libraries

If it is case sensitive, they go in D:\Documents\Arduino\libraries

Thank you for help.
Libray was on the web. I didn't write it.
I changed the location to the new folder and now it works. It also works with "" instead of <>
Now I have a different problem but I will start a new topic.
Thank you