Library manager not able to find my own contributed library


Sorry if I am missing something crucial here, but I cannot find my library, or the vast majority of the 3rd party contributed libraries, using the Arduino IDE's (1.6.7) library manager.

Particularly, a month or so ago, I opened an issue in Arduino's github repository, asking for my library to be included in the IDE's library list. They added it and I believe that this at the time worked, at least on my 1.6.5 IDE running on an Ubuntu machine.

It also appears in the IDE's library index, as it is supposed to. Its new releases are also being fetched succesfully, as in a matter of minutes my new release was indexed in the afore mentioned JSON file.

However, early on, other users who were prompted to install my Library through the IDE, indicated they could not find my library using the IDE's library manager.

Today, I got myself onto a Windows pc, did a clean install of 1.6.7 and indeed, my library does show up when I type its name in the library manager. As a matter of fact, I tried various different libraries from the IDE's library index and they also do not show up at all.

Does this happen to everyone? Is it a bug? If not, am I supposed to do something more than opening the library manager and typing the library's name?! (with "type" and "topic" filters, set to "All" of course).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Bumping before opening issue on GitHub and possibly making a fool of myself, due to a probable obvious solution that I am currently missing... :confused:

Which library/libraries are you talking about?