Lightning Effects? How Difficult?

Hello everyone, Id like to start by saying I look forward to Arduino and the awesome community it comes with. I do not own an Arduino yet, I would like to know if this is possible, and what model is the best for my application.

I would like to use Arduino to control puck lighting, or LEDs depending on output. I want to accomplish a lightning effect for a rain forest setup I am working on. Is it possible to trigger a thunder soundtrack as well? Finally, is it possible to engage/initiate all of this when my misting system kicks on?

If you need more info id be glad to add. Thanks.

All of this i probably possible, but more deatils about all the different components are needed to give any serious advice.

Controlling LED's is commonly done with Arduino.
Playing / triggering a sound can be done i serveral ways, one of the beeing to use one of the available wave shields for Arduino.

Synchronising with your mist machine might be possible, it depends on what you have to "hook into" in the machine, how to detect that it i running.

Thanks for the reply.

What im hoping Arduino components can accomplish is:

1: Dim my daytime lights in my terrarium
2: After dimming, start a short thunder sound effect
3: Few seconds after sound effect starts, initiate random(or my programmed sequence) of light, probably 4 different puck type lighting units
4: At the same time as the lights start to "dance" like lightning, trigger my misting pump to turn on
Realistically the entire sequence of effects would only have to last 30 seconds or so.

I know this is a lot to ask! But I hope there is some way I can accomplish this.
Here is a pic of the misting pump, to hopefully give an idea as to trigger this:

I did do some searching and found almost spot on what id like to accomplish, see the links:

This video shows the effect (skip to 2:30, thats where it starts):

Here is his website, details of his lighting and micro comps. You will probably need to translate to read:

Thanks guys, hope to hear from yall soon.


Anyone have any insight on how I can accomplish this, be it Arduino or other method?

A few flashguns and subwoofer?

Yeah something along those lines is what im thinking. I am just having trouble figuring out how I can sequence the audio and lights for an automatic start/stop when my mister kicks on. Im hoping I can accomplish this using an Arduino board, but again im super new to Arduino and want to have a plan before I purchase a board.

A MOC3020 will trigger most flashguns, in my experience.