Audio Triggering Lights for Disney/Star Wars artist project, Help needed ASAP

I am a freelance artist for Disney and Lucasfilm but currently working on a project for Rankin/Bass who made Frosty the Snowman, rudolph, etc. I am looking to have my art talk then light up. I was told to use Arduino. I know nothing about programming when it comes to sound boards, etc. Im mostly the creative mind LOL. Plus I have a Mac and most of the items use PC. I basically have a large animation cel done on thick plexi glass. I have Frosty and the girl painted on it and behind it I sectioned off parts I want to light up with long strands of small LEDs. Id like that when a button is pushed that it starts the audio of the Girl when she gets the magic hat, then when she puts it on Frosty id like a set of lights to twinkle shortly as magic of hat goes to work and then when Frosty says Happy Birthday I want all of him to light up. I came up with the audio/light idea far into the project and deadline is soon. I would Greatly appreciate any help and I can offer you much more work with my design comapny. Thanks

The Arduino can control LEDs in fancy patterns. It can be controlled by buttons or remote controls (IR or RF). It can't do audio directly, but it can trigger an MP3 player to play audio files. Depending on the number of LEDs you have ("long strands"), you will need some additional circuitry. The Arduino can sequence these things automatically after you push the "go" button.

Control card like this with 3 TPIC6B595 shift registers for 24 strings, and an MP3 module from here