Line Tracking Sensor

Thanks to dave-in-nj I found out what my sensors were in my kit that I picked up, and I found this through google.

Now this leads me to a question, can this sensor detect tablature? ( with proper coding) It says it can detect black lines in white. This thing looks promising anyways. For those of you who do not know what tablature is, here is a link

Thanks in advance.
EDIT fixed link

Your link is incorrect, but tableture is musical notation.

Your link is incorrect, but tableture is musical notation.

Thanks , fixed.

Your problem reading music is that while lines on a floor are made for a robot to read, music is made for hoomans to read.

A robot with a sensor might make sense of this:

But this is a more difficult sensing job (especially as it isn't continous and breaks left to right down the page):

I don't think it would be a difficult coding thing, I think it is a difficult sensing thing. Standardized input, moving the sensors across the page, dealing with uneveness, dealing with measure lines, in the example dealing with the diff between 1, 0, 4, and 7 etc with lines through them. I think some sort of automatic music scanner (maybe it even plays it as it scans it- an Arduino palyer piano) would be a big undertaking. With tableture designed to be read with a scanner, you could make an Arduino player piano.

But I don't want to be discouraging. Go for it! See if you can make it work and become a millionaire.

Yeah I can't argue with its complexity, I think even worse then all those things you pointed out, is detecting the numerical value. Strings are displayed on the tablature via black lines, and each bar is measured via black lines, but distinguishing between #7 on 1st string and #3 on 1st string , will be the most complex.