LiPo batteries outside in winter for weather station

There are quite a few weather station kits you can buy on the net. What they have in common are the sensors, the solar panel, the charger and - most notable - a LiPo battery.

I've heard that LiPo batteries should not get too cold and not too hot otherwise they could get damaged.

I live in middle Europe where it can get as cold as -20°C and I'm wondering if a LiPo battery outside even has a chance to survive - or is able to operate. Could you please give me some advice on this?

If it's not a good idea (for whatever reason) to operate a LiPo in cold weather conditions, what are the alternatives? I thought of a lead-acid or gel battery. However, I would need a different charger too. Do you know any solar power chargers for other kinds of batteries than LiPos?

Thanks in advance

Lipo batteries should not be discharged too much and not be overcharged at all. That is the most important.
You should also have some protecting against high temperatures. Avoid direct sunlight on the box that everything is in.

Storing a Li-ion cell at low temperatures will not damage it. Some put the Li-ion cells into a fridge or even a freezer to store it.
It seems that charging a Li-ion cell is not allowed at low temperatures :

I think it is for a Lipo cell as it is for a Li-ion cell, according to this :

I assume that some products use a low charge current, that will not cause too much damage with freezing temperatures. But after reading about it, it is indeed not allowed and can damage the Lipo or Li-ion cell.

You should to use Ni-Cd or Ni-MH cell.

I thought charging non-Li* batteries was easier than other types. I found out that you even can't use a lead-acid charger for charging a gel cell.

Are there any ready-to-use solar chargers for winter-safe batteries on the market (can you recommend one?) or should I build my own?

I have one of these panels: