liquidcrystal lib issues


I had some problem getting my 20 x 4 LCD display running on my Arduino Due.

Initially I set up my hardware so that the LCD signals were connected to the following pins on the Arduino: LCD RS 52 LCD E 53 LCD D4 51 LCD D5 50 LCD D6 49 LCD D7 48

LiquidCrystal lcd(52, 53, 51, 50, 49, 48);

But the display would not initialise and of course not display the simple hello world! text.

I then moved the LCD signals to other pins on the Arduino Due, namely: LCD RS 2 LCD E 3 LCD D4 4 LCD D5 5 LCD D6 6 LCD D7 7

LiquidCrystal lcd(2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7);

With this setup, the LCD display worked fine.

Where is the problem here? Is there an issue with the liquidcrystal library, that it will not work with such high Arduino pins?

Just interested to see if anyone else found this problem, and if a solution exists. I would like to keep the PWM signals free for future use, and not use them up for the LCD signals.



which version of the LCD lib (as there are many) which version of the IDE do you use?

Hmmm, I could not find any version info for the LCD lib. I checked the source files of the Liquidcrystal lib, and the only file that contains any kind of version info is the file where it says that this is version 1.0 (but I don't think it is right...).

The version of the IDE I am using, is 1.5.4 BETA for the Due board.

An update.

I have moved the LCD signals to pins 22 - 27, as a test, and the communication with the LCD screen works.

I must have made a mistake when I first connected the LCD signals to pins 48 - 53. I checked it several times... but obviously I was not seeing my mistake(s). :)