Load cell / HX711 not getting steady reading.

I have been trying to get my Arduino Uno (Sparkfun kit) to read data from a digital scale for a few weeks but with no success. I have tried a few different load cells and even a few different signal amplifiers (HX711 from DIY and and Texas Instruments INA125P). No matter what I do, the value from the load sensor never steady--in fact, when I put any weight on it at all, I cannot detect any different. I have used a multimeter and can confirm voltage is going to and from the load sensor. Has anyone ever had this problem? I am clueless!
Thank you!

If you want help, stick to one setup. e.g. the HX711.
Then post a picture of how you have connected it.
How you supply the Arduino.
The link to the load cell.
And the code (in code tags).

Thanks, Wawa!

Yes, I have settled on the Hx711 approach found here http://arduinotronics.blogspot.com/2015/06/arduino-hx711-digital-scale.html but it’s just not working for me (and I have not been able to get in contact with the author).

Here are a few photos of my setup. I hope this is clear.

Thanks again for your help!

In your photo 004-2, it looks like your jumper pin at A- is just poking through the hole in the HX711 board into the proto board. Is that what you've done? If so, it's no wonder nothing is working. You need to solder pins at all of the HX711 holes you're using, then then use female jumpers to those pins.

Thanks, Dave, (or should I say "the Edge"? :wink: ),
Normally the pin at A- is not sticking up. But regardless, will the Hx711 simply not work without the wires being soldered to it?

It's highly unlikely to work without soldered connections, and even if it did, it would be erratic and unreliable.

Read this.

That was it! A little solder did the trick! Thanks to all!