London thoughts?

Hello all,

Are there any plans to organise a London Arduino workshop soon? I've just been appointed digital technologist for the school of arts at Brunel, and would like to get started with some Arduino projects.



London is in our agenda for the end of January 07 (to be confirmed), are there more people interested?



Incidentally, jo soc de Barcelona pero treballo aqui a Londres. Voldria anar a la Valencia pero no puc...

I can bring at least 2 or 3 more people more people from Goldsmiths College and Brunel maybe.

Also, I can possibly provide space and hosting for the workshop if that's needed, and I've ordered a couple of arduinos and a workshop kit (but can order more).


Definitely interested ! London, end of January. Count me in.


Yup. I'd come. Let us know when it is! Gavin

i'd be up for that

Hey guys,

Any movement on the London workshop? I've now got some interest from my institution so I'll be able to host it no problem (Brunel University).

Can I help with the organisation?




I'm in london right now teaching an arduino workshop at the bartlett

i'm going to be in London all week... if the londoners want to meet up one evening it would be great :)

we could also discuss details for possible workshops


Hi Massimo,

I'd be happy to meet up any day this week.

Do you want to propose a day so that people can start accepting or proposing new dates ?

How about tomorrow ? (:


I'd prefer later in the week, to give more people the chance to hear about this. (It has nothing to do with the fact that I can't get to London until Wednesday ;))

I've just seen that there's a London Open Source Jam at Google on Thursday at 1800 (nr Victoria Station).

This event would be interesting to most people here, particularly if we pestered Matt Biddulph to present something on his "Arduino - Second Life" interface experiments, instead of Rails+SL (yawn, how very 2006... ;))

I can't do a drink this week - but I still have the box of stuff from the workshop last year if you want it for this one.




I'm expecting my boards any day now and a workshop would be brilliant to kick-start my 'arduino experience' :) (Also two of my friends are expecting their boards from the same batch so it would also be good for them...)

Wednesday seems to be perfect if that is also convenient for others :)


Hi Massimo, everybody,

I can't make the google event but I'm wondering about tomorrow. Still around, or are you flying back? I'm still keen to organise a London workshop, or attend one, and it looks like there's plenty of interest.

Oh an jeez arduino+secondlife matt is such a nut. Lovely.


I'm up for it too, I really enjoyed the last one. I'll help find a venue if you need a hand.



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