Possible workshop in London UK (November)

We are receiving a number of requests for workshops in London UK. We are thinking about sometimes in the second half of november because some of us might be already there.

let us know if you are interested


Nick from London commented something about a place where to run the open workshop. Maybe we should consider that possibility.

Hi! I think I have already got a place for the open workshop in London as the nick name of digitypo.

My name is Seul-Ki Kang. Could you check it for me? Many thanks.

I'd be up for a workshop in london in November :-) If we could get a venue and a date I might be able to get more people interested. Let me know if you'd like some help finding a venue.

cheers benjamin:-)

please let me know if this is going to come off as my research group would be extremely interested in sending a couple of us to attend

i'm interested :)

Greetings all. The thought of a London workshop is very interesting. Is the process of arranging one still on? I'm living in Sweden and can easily fly over to London, but as for most people a few days of pre-planning would be needed to take care of all the practical issues.

Please post all information there is on the eventual workshop.

I'm really interested in this workshop - but need a bit of pre-warning as am heading over from Australia. Any chance of bringing a workshop this way at all, if the dates of the London one don't fit?

Hej Lorna,

London will happen Nov 25-26-27. However, where in Australia do you want a workshop to happen. We are of course interested in going there.


Hi David, Any chance we could get more info on the London workshop, cos it's only 2 weeks away and we don't know where your thinking of having it or how to register for it :-)

kind regards benjamin:-)

Hej Benjamin,

in our latest team meeting Massimo Banzi was appointed to be London's Action Coordinator ;-)

you can contact him directly at:

arduino [at] potemkin dot org

About the contents for the workshop, I am preparing a booklet that I will release later this week on the website.

Stay tuned,


Finally we moved all our committments out of the way and the London workshop is going ahead. It will take place in West London between friday 25 and sunday 27 included. Please email workshop@potemkin.org for details and register.