Looking for a good IMU, tried the bno055 but...

Every time I power up the BNO055 there is a plus or minus 5 deg. error. And it varies randomly every time.

There is a pain in the butt calibration procedure, but all is lost when you power off...

So I'd rather spend some bucks and get something good. IC2 with a Arduino library would be great. Kalman and all the self correcting stuff built in, I don't want to do that in the Teensy.

I bought on Amazon an inclinometer for construction $20. Every time I power up I get the same reading. I use it to compare the BNO output.
How do they do it for under 20 bucks and include a display?
I could live with a 1deg variance, but not 5...

Thanks a lot, any advice is appreciated.

The inclinometer just uses an accelerometer, with lots of averaging. So it is simple and cheap.

It is very difficult to get +/- 1 degree accuracy for 3D orientation with consumer grade IMU's and every single one needs to be carefully calibrated in the final installation, in order to achieve even that.

That said, the Madgwick and Mahony filters work with most modern IMUs ($10 - $20), but getting them to work as well as possible always requires a significant amount of work from the end user.

If you are interested, I recommend the Pololu AltImu9 and 10 series.

Thanks for the advice. Still I wonder what's in a Segway? You turn it on and you don't calibrate, just ride....
I saw at polulu IMUs for 130 bucks and more. Would I still have to calibrate? What do they do better?


The AltIMU series from Pololu costs in the range $12-$22.