looking for a tutor in Chicago

I am determined to learn Arduino. I will pay !!! Please some one help. The forums are good, but individual question and answer can’t be beat.

Did you try this?

There are many other links to read before getting started.

And check this:

You must be willing to learn before thinking about money… :wink:

Please. I have spent plenty of time reading through all sorts of lit and web sites. It comes down to trying to learn a foriegn language from reading, and not conversing. It’s a last resort to spend money. If I could “get it” by other means, then maybe you have an idea. Online video tutorials ? The link in this forum to MIT tutorials is broken. I just want to learn this. By what ever means.

I have read through Tom Igoe’s stuff, I have read through all the Arduino (brian evans programming note book, and the getting started by Massimo Banzi), I have gone to Todbot ( Spooky and Bionic), I have gone to Dorkbot here in Chicago, I have checked out Ladyyaya at Instructables.

I have been trying to write something that seems simple:
As a viewer approaches a piece of kinetic sculpture, more and more motors turn on.

I have been experimenting with : sonor range sensors, IR sensors, the simple potentiometer.

I would be happy to send you what I have tried to write, and maybe you would have some suggestions ?

cip, so where did you get stuck on?

I think if you just go step-by-step it’ll be OK, your idea doesn’t seem too difficult. Did you get the sonar range sensor working? Are you able to measure distance with it?

You should get in to #arduino on freenode.
There is half a dozen of us in there 24/7 so bored that we’ll be able to answer your questions at any time of the day or night. :wink: