looking for direction on a project

My son and I want to build a small bot/bots. I will give the basic details and would like some advise on where to start.

The bot: We want it to be small. Two wheel drive (Left wheel right wheel).

It will turn on in two modes. Red team or Blue team. The red team will have a red LED on top of it and the same with the blue team.

When on, it will move forward at a constant speed.

It needs to do two things (this is the part we have no idea where to start) The red team bot will have a sensor (maybe simple micro camera?) that will steer it to the blue light. The blue team bot will do the same towards the red light.

Both will have a sensor on the bottom that will sense a black line and a red line. The arena will be a big circle with a black line border. The bot will need to sense the line and avoid it like a wall. The bots will attract to each other and then push each other. If one bot goes over the black line and hits the red line it turns off. The "pushing" bot will hit the black line and turn around.

Hopefully, the red line turns off the bot and the light before the pushing bot hits the red line...

Its kind of a sumo game that we thought of and would like to make.

He bought the Arduino Uno and a book and has been learning everything he can and seems to really enjoy it.

Thanks for your help.

Instead of colored lights, setup each with infrared transmitter and receiver, then just look for the other source. example: edit: fixed up the links I tried to post earlier


As start, don't bother with 2 color lines - just 2 lines. When it senses crossing one, note that, and stop when the second was crossed. Then just need one set of code calibrated between light & dark for a sensor. Color detection adds difficulty. And cost.

Line sensor: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/959 Color sensor: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1608

Maybe this for motors & motor driver http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/670

Wheels there too, also chassis to build up on.

Crossroads has made the solution much neater. You could still put the red and blue LEDs on top for show.


The problem with using those motors is you have to buy a motor shield to drive them. An alternate possibility is to use R/C servos converted for continuous rotation, and these can be controlled [ie, yellow wire control signal] directly from the Aruino board.





When it senses crossing one, note that, and stop when the second was crossed.

This will only work if you can be certain that any bot reaching the black line will recognise it, stop and back up without actually crossing the line. I’m not sure that is feasible, given that a robot might be trying to back up into the arena but actually end up being pushed out of it. The only scheme I can see that seems reliable is to have a greyscale or colour gradient at the boundary of the fighting area and have each 'bot try to head back towards the lighter area - then have a black boundary and have the 'bots die if they find themselves on it.

I take it you are building a Sumobot? If so. This might help. http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24013 http://noise0.altervista.org/minisumo_01/go.html

From just watching the videos, it appears to me that the further away you can spot your opponent the better.