Looking for long-range arduino compatible wireless data transfer

I have been building a quadcopter setup lately and I got most of the parts I need. But the main diference from other quadcopters is that mine will be completely arduino controlled. I want to integrate many intelligent functions that will make the flight and the experience better.
But my biggest problem so far is that I couldn't find a good rf link to transfer data from the remote control to the quadcoper and backwards. All I need is to be able to transfer data fast and for it to have long range ( 500+ meters ). I have been thinking about this item (Seeed Studio Bazaar, The IoT Hardware enabler.). It has really good range, is very affordable, but the problem is that it is really slow in transmitting data. People say that it can teansmit about 2 commands in a second, which is hundrets of times less than what I need.

In short: I need a reliable rf link from the remote control to the quadcopter ( and possibly backwards ) with good range and speed. My budget is 50$ for that.

Any help would be welcome!
Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forums.

Generally speaking if you have done a good search and not found what you are looking for, then most likely it is not available/affordable at the hobby level. You might check the drone forums.

For something like a Quadcopter, you need a rugged reliable radio that wont be affected by interferance.
Unfortunately, radios like this are not cheap, and you wont get one for $50.
Something like a DSS or FH 2.4 Ghz radio are what most modellers use for Quadcopters.
Heres an article that explains the theory behind them.