Looking to hire someone to write arduino code for app to relay board.

Hey guys I am looking to find someone who is able to write some code for my arduino UNO, so that the application I have made on my phone can control a 16 channel relay board via Bluetooth. From what I can tell it shouldn’t be to difficult.

Here is some more information.

  • I am using an Arduino UNO bought from this website.
  • Bluetooth module is a Wireless Serial 6 Pin Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module HC-05 RS232 Master Slave
  • 16 channel relay board is made by sainsmart http://www.sainsmart.com/16-channel-12v-relay-module-for-pic-arm-avr-dsp-arduino-msp430-ttl-logic.html
  • The application was custom made for an android device, I have connected the arduino to bluetooth and was able to mark down all the outputs it sends out, I have attached the microsoft document that displays each output. For example Button 1 is 10 when it is on and 11 when off, button 2 is 20 on 21 off.

Please Pm me your price and if you require more information.

Look up the Firmata library. I think it will do exactly what you want and you can change your phone app to send out Firmata commands over Bluetooth: ArduinoFirmata on Android

I'm not the one who designed the app so I am hoping I can still use what it does to do it. Not to knowledgeable on this kind of stuff wich is why I am hoping to find someone to do it.