Looking to pay someone to develop a Prop Electrical Kit


I build replica props in my spare time and I have no ability to build or understand electrical programming or PCB design - I have tried but I have a slight learning difficulty and I get quite overwhelmed when attempting to understand.

I have a project in my head that I would like to develop but would require some expert help. It is a prop from Ghostbusters II (The Giga Meter) I do have a resin kit for the body of the kit but I require some assistance in developing a functional circuit to operate the prop.

I can discuss in more detail but the prop operates as follows. It features Microphone Heads moving from Left to right and meeting at 12 O'Clock at the top of the device. These Microphone heads also have two Orange/Red Leds inside which give a pulsing effect.

The Device also contains a Numerical Display which should output some random Numerical Display

And then finally the prop also has a Spinning Scanning Dome which contains 16 Leds across the dome which when operational gives the effect of 4 Spinning Circles of Light

The Lights are as follows:
Inner Row is Red,
Second Row is Yellow
3rd Row is Red
Outer Row is Red

I do possess the ability to solder and to connect switches/batteries and Leds to screw terminals on a board so someone can just develop the code/circuit and give me a list of components I need to make this project come to life I can take care of the building.

Understandably this is a somewhat complex project and I'm certainly happy to pay for someones time and efforts. This is a dream prop for my collection so I'm desperate to get assistance in bringing it to life.

Thank you for the clear description of what you're looking for. Although a drawing would be helpful. I found a couple of pictures online that help, but they're not very clear on some aspects.

Fun looking project. Flashing some LEDs shouldn't be very hard as long as you have enough pins or shift registers. How do you plan to move the microphones? Microservos? What's the power source going to be?

I would use addressable LEDs. Less wiring, only one data line.

I found some YouTube videos, could you find one that shows best what you are looking for?


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