Lora-MESH network based Arduino

i have to Programmer a mesh network with 7 nodes (Arduino + LoRa RFM9x) of objects (sensor, actuator, display, machine, etc.) communicating via the LoRa radio protocol, centralize the data in a Gateway(arduino +lora)
help !

Perhaps explain the actual project ?

There are implementations of LoRa mesh networks out there, and easy to find via Goggle, but distance is not usually a problem for LoRa, so why exactly do you want a mesh setup ?

the project consists of creating meshed lora (Lora+Arduino) networks for the digitization of a factory, that is to say the sensors and the actuators communicating with each other, for example each node sends the data to the gateway this is possible with nodes Intermediate

A few questions. Please feel free to pm the answers if you want.

  1. What frequency are you using and what is the environment where they are being used like (lots of heavy equipment, big engines, thick metal, etc)?

  2. what specific HopeRF module are you using for communications? So I can pull the correct data sheet

  3. Is this to be restricted to 7 nodes and a gateway or could the number of devices rise or fall?

  4. which arduino are you using, or other mcu? What is your available ram, eeprom, and flash?

  5. what is your timeline?

7). What are we looking at in budget constraints?

8). How much data is each device transmitting? Are we talking bytes or KB?

9). What is the desired rate of communications?

  1. what is the proximity of the nodes to the ground and what is the construction style of the roof (metal etc)?

I can probably deliver a fully functional dynamic mesh in a day or two if the price is right :smiley:

Sorry just a few more

  1. what communications standard are you using uart, spi, or i2c to connect your radio to your mcu?

  2. Are your hardware connections to the radio already fixed and if so can you provide a schematic?

  3. are they other devices on the same bus with your radio (ie spi flash memory or sd card if you are using spi)? This is important as an spi radio using interrupts (most reliable) will cause crashing and conflicts if not properly handled when writing to other spi devices)

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